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If you spend a lot of time browsing the web or have ever gotten a virus, you may have heard someone mention the term safe browsing habits. I myself mention this term quite often to my clients, but recently I’ve come to realize that most people don’t really have an idea as to what these are. Even I get hard-pressed from time to time to actually name them off. So in this edition of “learn to use your computer moron” that is exactly what I am going to do. These tips are only a handful of things you can learn about keeping yourself safe online. Once you’ve mastered them however, you can definitely feel far safer when cruising the web.

So without further babbling from myself, here’s just a couple to get you going.

Visiting Safe Websites – This is one of the most important tools in your arsenal against viruses and attempts to steal your information. With the incredible amount of information out there on the web, it’s easy to get caught up by clicking on link after link to cruise around. This is a very dangerous practice to do, because along the way you will almost certainly click on some website that used to be one thing, but now is owned by someone less scrupulous. It’s important to try and stay to well-known sites with a good reputation. Places like,, or even are well moderated and protected by their administrators, and can find you virtually any information you may need on a day to day basis. If what you’re looking for can’t be found in these places, try to limit the amount of independent sites you visit for your info. Do a little research into a company’s background before purchasing from them. All these extra little steps are extremely important in protecting yourself.

Never download anything that isn’t well vetted and documented – The internet is a haven for helpful, useful, and sometimes free software. There are millions of great programs and utilities out there that can make your life a lot easier. The problem is however, there are a lot of software packages out there that are more virus then helpful. If a program is offering you any kind of free content or services that most companies would make you pay for, it is more than likely a virus. The best way to be sure what your downloading is safe is to download it from a reputable site. The two best places for this is & Both these companies are pretty good about keeping the bad stuff away, while offering the good stuff with decent download speeds. Stay away from little unknown sites, or sites that offer free programs that claim to do incredible or even illegal stuff. If a program offers you free movies or games, it’s probably a virus, or is infected with one.

Keep your computer up to date! And then keep it even MORE up to date! – One of the biggest vulnerabilities to the average user is an out of date computer. Microsoft, Apple, and even the many Linux versions available out there (Ex: Ubuntu & Fedora) often release updates to their systems to protect against flaws that viruses take advantage of. This is especially important when it comes to web browsers like Internet Explorer or Safari. Update your system each and every time an update is released.

That’s just a few little tips to get you going, there are many other things you can learn to do to keep your computer safer. Nothing is 100% foolproof, but every step helps.

That is all.


What is trust really?

When you get stabbed in the back a lot during the formative years of your youth; well it does some permanent damage. It leaves scars, that no matter how much you change yourself, remain for a long time. It can make it extremely difficult down the road to accept that what you’ve learned to be life; may not actually be what other people see as the true meaning of it at all. We all exist in this physical body, and walk this gorgeous planet of ours, but we still seem to all have our own little universes.

Some of those universes have white picket fences, others are just the current moment in time and how we live in it. Everyone has their own perceptions, dreams, and believes as to what life is and what it should be. This is why the truth of anything is subjective. Even some of the most basic concepts like trust.

I’ve always taken the definition of trust very literally. My concept of it has been much like these dictionary definitions:

1. Assured resting of the mind on the integrity, veracity, justice, friendship, or other sound principle, of another person; confidence;  reliance. ”O ever-failing trust in mortal strength!” –Milton.
2. Reliance on the integrity, strength, ability, surety, etc., of a person or thing; confidence.
3. To have or place confidence in; depend on.

But more importantly, I believed that trusting someone meant having faith that they would not betray you, your confidence, or your person. For example, trusting a friend not to talk negatively about you behind your back, or trusting a lover not to cheat on you. I thought these concepts were fairly simple, but as I’ve been looking deeper into my own trust issues as of late, I’ve found some other definitions of what trust means to others which both confuse and annoy me.

One resource I was looking at recently defined trust in a way that is complete foreign and seems counter-intuitive to me. The following is an excerpt from their explanation.

Logically, you know that what people say and do are generally two different things.

Yet how many times have you believed what people have told you, only to be hurt when they didn’t follow through? The way society uses trust, we hear a communication and decide whether or not to believe what we hear/read/see. Yet, I don’t know of a single person who has never gone back on their word at least once in their lives, so what is all of this trust stuff really about?

Everyone has their own set of fears and patterns that affect how they interact with others. In each hurtful situation where your trust was breached, people responded from their own unique set of fears. Because you wanted to trust and believe them, you ignored the truth to keep seeking love.

Every time fear won over that particular person’s ability to show love. The same is true for your parents and those who cared for you. Their fears and how they were taught were the only way they could express themselves to you, which was filled with their own anger at how they were betrayed and their own experiences of lack of love.

Rather than ‘trusting’ somebody, an option is to learn that people are always seeking approval and acceptance from others. No matter how sincere somebody is when they speak, ultimately the fears THEY have will win and what they do is a result of their own patterned behaviour.

So if you were to stop looking at people as to whether or not they can be trusted, you will be less disappointed when they don’t do what they say. Understand that everyone is in internal conflict about what they want and what they are capable of doing. Trusting someone is understanding why they act the way they do.

So let me get this straight. According to this analysis, instead of believing someone will not betray and hurt me. Accept that they most certainly will betray and hurt me, and accept them for that anyway? I’m no psychologist or councillor but that seems kind of ridiculous to me.

If I am to expect my love to cheat on me or my friends to stab me in the back, why the fuck would I bother with either one? I suppose my search for understanding on this particular subject continues on, unsatisfied. I can accept the fact that loved ones screw up sometimes. But I can’t possibly accept my girl friend screwing another person, or my friends betraying me. I trust them because I know they won’t, not because I accept they will.

Trust to me, is being able to not worry or think about these things occurring because I know they won’t, based both on emotional bonds and logical history with the person or people I am trusting. Is that definition too much to ask of humans? Because if it is, fuck this world’s inhabitants.

I’d really love to hear some other people’s definitions of trust, or their perceptions on what I’ve said here. Please leave comments on what you think about this subject.


As my eyes passed over the words staring back at me, I felt nothing but a touch of liberation as I assessed them. They whispered to me things like “betrayal” and “endings” but I didn’t really take their weight to heart. I was free of the waiting and wondering about what would or could be. I was free of the uncertainty my heart held for so long.


As the breadth and width of what I was seeing started to touch deeper into my mind, I realized how unfair it was. Those words were delivered in a cold, cowardly fashion and it made feelings of angered grief come to the surface. “Good riddance” was my mantra for the rest of the faulted paradigm I was being encircled by.


I wanted to tell you how much of a coward I thought you were. I wanted to explain how you didn’t understand anything about the moon that brought you to me, and the stars that I stared at dreaming of you. But I had no way, no chance to do so. I couldn’t get passed the barrier of reality that separates us now.


Then I saw you. My heart raced, and my mind screamed at me to do something, anything to try and get you to understand what you have done.  It wanted me to cry, beg, scream, and kiss you all at the same time. You were naught but a few feet away, and everything that I had previously wanted to say welled up to the surface. But I did nothing. Not because I didn’t want to, but because I couldn’t do that to you. You made your choice, and though it has killed me a thousand times over since I saw you, I refuse to try and take that choice from you.


It is indeed the end, as your betraying words said. This reality has settled over me with a depth of blackness I have not experienced or seen for a long time. All those beautiful, sparkling seconds have turned sour and meaningless. Everything we experienced together, be it good or bad is just a faded mirage of what it was. Perhaps it didn’t happen in the real world as I once thought. Perhaps we were both just lying to ourselves about the numbers. About the world we thought we were in. I don’t know, but I have no hope left to analyze it with.


I hope you’ve made the right choice for yourself. At least, that small conciliation could bring meaning to what you have done. I don’t really know where your future lies. I could never turn the pages of your book as I can with everyone else. You were always shrouded and protected in your many languages. I just wish you’d once opened up to me. In the end though, the meaning is lost upon you.

Goodbye my moon flower. Your vampire cowboy will miss you eternally.

Moose Jaw, Sask. via ~

Sarah Dionne, a practicing Wiccan and self title witch, recently spoke out against another example of religious ignorance.

As a Fundraising event for the coming Samhain (or Halloween), the Western Development Museum had an event planned on October 29th called the Ghosts of the Past fundraiser. The idea being that for a $30 entry fee, consenting adult guests could learn about things such as Ouija boards and take part in a séance-like event to communicate with ancestors from the past.

Now, I know most of you out there just cringed at reading the words “Ouija Board” to yourself. Most people I have spoken to, including myself, have a certain level of distrust for these particular occult instruments. Namely because you never can be 100% sure what exactly your contacting through such a device. However, if employed properly, and the proper protections are used; they can be a useful tool in opening people’s minds to the possibility of things beyond their normal perceptions of the world.

Regardless of our personal thoughts and beliefs on these particular practices and devices, I don’t think anyone has the right to force their beliefs on anyone else. But that is exactly what happened here. After receiving complaints from local residents of the area and religious leaders the event was cancelled. Why? Because these people expressed that they feared “evil spirits” would be conjured up, presumably wreaking havoc on their town.

Just for the record, I had to pause after that last paragraph until I could stop laughing. Sorry, continuing on..

Dionne, which brings up some very good point regarding Wiccan religion, was outraged at the situation. She brought up that Wiccans believe the Halloween season is a favourable time to communicate with loved ones in the spirit world.

To suggest that contacting any sorts of spirits or otherwise unknown forces in the universe is somehow evil … just doesn’t make sense, “ Dionne told CBC News in their interview with her. She later went on to say, “The whole concept of … evil and the devil, they’re not concepts that are in Wicca whatsoever. There’s no worship of the devil or evil things. Any of those stereotypes are absolutely false.”

While I agree with her on the concepts of the devil, the evil alter-ego of the judeo-christian divinity complex, I myself whole heartedly believe in the concept of evil or at the very least, restless spirits and entities that could potentially use Ouija Boards and other mediums to mislead, confused, or at worse disrupt people practicing with such devices. As such, I personally leave them alone myself.

However, these devices most certainly can be employed in a positive light if necessary. I just don’t feel comfortable trying it myself. Sarah also, has not called for the reinstatement of the fundraising event either, as she acknowledges the differing, less positive feelings of the Wiccan community regarding these devices but recently wrote in to a local news paper to complain  about those who would paint “witches and other pagans” in a bad light.

I respect and admire Sarah’s opinion here. She’s basically saying, not everyone even within our own community likes the idea of of these particular occult tools, but that doesn’t mean anyone has the right to stop those who do want to use them from practicing.

Good show Sarah. You’re of course totally right. Big surprise the bigots get their way.

Dear judeo-christian religious complex: Fuck you. That is all.

I have been saying for some time now, that the world needs more companies to ally against the hidden evil of Google. Today, as I type this, Microsoft and Facebook have joined together to combat Google’s influence in the world of search engines. I neither respect nor trust Facebook, and I only respect Microsoft as “the devil you know” type ally against the cancerous evil that is Google. As such, I am both happy and horrified by this at the same time.

But now I should mention, to avoid any misunderstanding, that Microsoft and Facebook have been close allies since 2006, when Facebook was still in its infancy. Which means Microsoft was their friend even during the privacy issues scandal.

What does Facebook have to do with search? Well, until now nothing. Which maybe was a good thing, but oh well. So let’s run it down.

Within the next few hours, Microsoft’s Bing search engine will be including a new module that interacts with Facebook. This module will pull data from your friends network, and give you not only the search results you are looking for, but input and opinions from your friends list. More specifically, it will show you, who liked relevant data or articles related to your search. And using your friends network data, will give you results based on your electronic geography. More over, when you search for specific objects (the example they used was a car) it will show you if you’re friends already liked it or liked reviews and relevant information related to it.

That in and of itself is extremely interesting, but that isn’t all this new personalized experience offers. They’re trying to improve the people searching for people aspect of the search engine as well. When you normally search for people on most search engines, its very rare that you get results relevant to you. What the Bing/Facebook module does when you type in a search query, is displays not only Bing’s search results but it hunts through your social network for relevant results as well. Then it can bring up results within the “friend of a friend” type realm and give that information to you.

The idea is, according Chi Liu, one of Microsoft’s people on stage, is to revolutionize the search experience. “For Bing, our aspirations are to go substantially beyond [Bing’s current version of search]. The prevailing structure of today’s web is fundamentally topical in nature.” He goes on to say, “The first dimension is that we’ll be able to create search experiences that weren’t previously available.”

The idea seems to be to place the search emphasize more on the trusted opinions of those in your social network rather then just providing web results. Interesting, but I have a problem with this concept. To put it as bluntly as I can, humans en masse are about as trustworthy and intelligent as a herd of cattle. So, though I may trust my friend’s opinions on a subject or product, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re going to be accurate about the information they’re providing or the opinions they’re offering. It’s a dangerous new vector for the spread of misinformation based on erroneous or outright false ideas stuck in many people’s dumb little heads.

Social Networking, whether we like it or not, is a huge part of our modern day culture and I think it will be for a long time to come. As such, creating an interaction between Bing and Facebook (as long as proper privacy tools are in place, and work the way they are claiming they do at this event), is really the next evolution of search. Oh Gods, I sound like one of them. At least I didn’t use any buzzwords so far.

Speaking of which, one buzzword sounding term that was mentioned today is actually kind of interesting. The term is “instant personalization”. It is the concept that when you visit an “instant personalization” website, that website can detect your live Facebook login, or the active Facebook cookie and grab your name. It then can go to the Facebook database, grab the info you share, and personalize the website based on that information.

This of course isn’t new. Faceb0ok has already been doing it with Pandora and other sites like it. But bringing this to a search engine is definitely an interesting twist I wouldn’t have thought of. Because it’s insane. Security threat much?

Well, Mark Zuckerberg claims that Facebook is being very careful with this instant personalization technique and implementing it with only trustworthy partners that will roll it out responsibly. But do we trust Facebook that far, given its issues in the not-too-distant past regarding privacy issues?

One thing Mark noted during the Q&A portion of the event, which I think is pretty important to note is that no personal data gets sent from Bing to Facebook. So it sounds like the interrelationship between the two companies is only one way.  This means that your search results for penguin-on-transexual-monkey porn will remain within the confines of Bing and Facebook won’t know about your disturbingly horrifying fetish. Seriously, your sick.

So the bottom line of this whole event? Microsoft and Facebook are definitely bringing some interesting functionality to Bing, but I’m not entirely convinced it needed a whole live event to define it. Sure, it’s another layer of interoperability between large portions of the internet.

Guess I’m going to have to switch my search to Bing for awhile and find out for myself. I’ll post an update to this article when I’ve formed more of an opinion on it.

Picture this for me if you will.

You’re standing in your mechanic’s shop, your car jacked up into the air as it gets its oil changed. The smell of grease-monkey and subtle noises of the equipment making you nearly catatonic with boredom. Your gaze sweeps idly across the body of your car in a vain attempt to retain consciousness when you spot something odd.

Is that a wire sticking out of your wheel well? That’s odd, why would a wire be sticking out of your wheel well. There’s nothing wirey requiring in that region is there? You wander over to the back wheel of your car and reach up and inside. After feeling around for a moment you pull out a magnetically attached small black box & tube.


To be fair, my first guess would have been faulty remote detonated pipe bomb.

Seems like the beginning of a government thriller or X-Files-esque movie plot right? Once again, life (or more accurately the US Government) chooses to mimic fiction.

After discovering this strange looking device secretly attached to his car, young Arab-American and Californian Yasir Afifi, posted pictures of this device to the internet and the wild speculations began. Though most people that commented agreed it seemed quite a bit like an older model FBI tracking device (c0nfirmed by an ex-FBI agent later on).

Was it real? Did someone get their hands on it aftermarket? Or was the FBI actually tracking Mr. Afifi? 48 hours after locating and removing the device he sure found out. The FBI intercepted him and took their tracking device back.

So why were the FBI tracking Mr. Afifi? Is he a foreign national living in the US with ties to foreign powers? A potential terrorist cell leader? Seems unlikely. Yasir Afifi is a citizen of the US; born and raised for the 20 years of his life. Though according to this Wired article, the FBI seems to have been investigating and tracking Mr. Afifi for 3 to 6 months before he discovered the device.

Comments made by the agents involved to Mr. Afifi seem to indicate that the investigation was initiated because of some comments one of his close friends Khaled made on a website. Maybe racial profiling, maybe not. Hard call. But the potential to be in a similar situation exists for every American citizen. Seriously.

The US Circuit Court of appeals recently ruled that it is ok for law enforcement to wire your car without needing so much as a warrant. Good Gods, seriously? Police State much?

If you’re like me, a Canadian citizen or a citizen of another country outside the US, this should still be fairly alarming to you. Many other countries look at what the US is doing, and consider how effective that would be in their own country. And it’s even worse for us, because we have an idiot/US puppet as our Prime Minister in the form of the glorious Stephen Harper.

Regardless of whether or not Yasir was targeted by the FBI based on actual evidence or just because of his family’s racial background and ties, this should not be overlooked by anyone. The potential for abuse in this current situation is disturbingly overwhelming.

But our story does have a hero. Or at least a potential hero. Brian Alseth of the American Civil Liberties Union in Washington heard about Yasir’s story much like we are. He saw Yasir and Khaled’s pictures of the device online and took action.

"This is the kind of thing we like to throw lawyers at," Alseth was quoted saying by Afifi. And with good reason. If no warrant is required to place these devices, the good ol’ boys club at the FBI could easily abuse them for selfish or personal reasons, or even personal gain.

Your stocks tanking? You think the CEO of a rival company maybe cheating on his wife, or doing something else embarrassing? No problem! Install ye olde tracking device in his car and send a private eye with a camera to follow the GPS. Admittedly this is a minor example so to speak, but I hope you get the general idea. reports that Afifi’s FBI adventure ended with the agents telling him that he should not worry about any of it.

"We have all the information we needed," they told him. "You don’t need to call your lawyer. Don’t worry, you’re boring. "

Yea, sure. Easy for you to say jerks. You aren’t the ones finding a tracking device on your car. 

Now, before I continue, I should point out that I’m not calling everyone who does this stupid per se. Well, actually, that’s exactly what I’m doing. But we’re all stupid at something right?
Anyway, one of the most common things I hear both inside and outside of work is whining about Microsoft Windows Vista. I just wanted to take this opportunity to say shut the hell up and stop it. Seriously.
I’m the first to admit that Vista’s launch was rocky. Very rocky in fact. But you know what operating system had an even worse launch. That piece of crap 10 year old one you people are still trying to cling to.
See in 2001 there was this new operating system that had more problems then Vista did right off the line. A lot of previous version Windows software wouldn’t run on it. The drivers were even MORE broken then Vistas was. Then there was the massive security flaws such as operating system side popups that people could broadcast over the internet randomly and you would get them on your screen. Not web browser popups mind you, but actual network-delivered operating system pop ups.
Have you guessed what operating system that was? That’s right. Your crappy stupid Windows XP. It was a terrible system right off the line, and wasn’t even viably stable and secure until Service Pack 2 came along. And let’s not forget how Windows XP introduced us to the concept of Spyware.
Up until that point viruses were pretty rare, and usually detected quickly by then antivirus overlords McAffee and Norton.
Comparitively, other then resource overusage, Vista’s major two problems were drivers not being available (which was a problem that can be attributed to hardware manufacturers AS WELL as Microsoft themselves) and devastatingly bad response to critismism by the Mac twits. More specifically, there WAS NO response.
Moreover, on XP’s release. Any games you currently had would simply not work. Period. They crashed right out of the box. Vista? Most current gen games at the time performed great. In fact in some cases, with the addition of Desktop derendering, they worked even better. The only crashing issues were caused by faulty or poorly developed drivers for hardware over 3+ years old.
This is the conversation that I generally get into with Windows Vista haters (at least the ones that don’t know computers):
Person: Windows Vista is terrible!
Me:      Well I admit that Vista is a little heavy on resource usage, but its really not that bad.
Person: Well I just don’t like it.
Me:       Why?
Person: Someone told me it was bad.
Seriously? That’s the best reason you can come up with? If you’re going to bash something at least have some kind of reasonable argument asshat.
Now don’t get me wrong Windows 7 is vastly superior to Vista, but GODS I’m sick and tired of hearing people whine about Vista when they don’t even really know why, or seem to forget how horrible XP used to be.
So please, do us all a favour. I don’t care if you’re a technical GOD or a person who just discovered where the “any key” is. If you want to bash Vista, do some goddamned research into what your bashing first or shut your stupid verbal diarheea generator before I shove my foot in it.
That is all.

The worst ecological disaster in the history of the USA? Try in the history of mankind.

“As oil continues gushing from the ocean floor into the Gulf of Mexico, with no sign of stopping until a new well is finished this August, scientists, environmentalists and local residents are beginning to reckon with the reality of a massive annihilation of sea creatures and wildlife.” (Source: IPS News Story)

The effects of the millions of gallons of oil leaking into the ocean, compounded by the use of highly toxic absorbent materials being used to try and control it are only the tip of the iceberg. The level of destruction to the oceanic food chain will be unlike anything the world has seen before, and its called a food chain for a reason. It is quickly becoming a very real possibility that this could become an extinction level event for all life on this planet.

And who is responsible for this? The oil and gas company itself, sure. But indirectly each and every one of you. Every single person that drives your gas guzzling SUVs. Everyone that has sat in their chairs, shaking your fists at the enviromentalist movement for their ‘scare tactics’ when talking about the enviroment. You wanted proof of their words? Well congradulations you have it. Now we can all die just so you could take the kids to soccer practice.

Even if this event in and of itself doesn’t destroy the food chain of the world, the continued extraction of crude oil from the planet directly increases the fragility of it. The oil lubricates the movement of the tectonic plates, and we’re emptying that lubricant out. Eventually, and this isn’t some thousand year eventually, this will lead to wide scale destabilization of the entire world. It will literally grind itself apart until the whole planet is destroyed.

This is what you have chosen for every single living thing on the planet. This is the future you’re bringing about. So act outraged all you want, but just remember, you and I are just as much to blame for this as they are. Even if it is indirectly.

The oil and gas industry has been under more fire over the past decade then any other industry because of their practices. The Alberta Oil sands, raping the earth and destroying thousands of kilometers of land just to feed your fucking faces. Deep ocean drilling and capsized oil tankers destroying entire species of life. And now this. And what did you do? You sat there, watched it on the evening news and shrugged in indifference.

I want you to take a few moments to think of all your loved ones in a line, and you holding a machine gun. I want you to imagine gunning them down until there is nothing left but a pile of blood and gore. Because that is exactly what you have done. At least when the end comes, I will at least take solace in the fact that you are going to die slowly and painfully from starvation. Of course, you could do us all a favor now, and blow your own heads off.

Might as well start watching the movie “The Road” now as a training guide on our glorious new world. I’ve had to censor my initial post on this subject due to my overwhelming rage and emotional reaction to this. Needless to say, my faith in humanity was never very strong to begin with, but now I can’t help but to look at all of us as nothing more then lice on the Goddess’ body. I’d say may she forgive us, but we don’t deserve it.

Emotions rule me this time of year. With all the energy starting to ripple through the air as the Maiden is reborn and the world is made new again, it seems to intensify everything I feel. And there in lies the problem I suppose. I’m seething and writhing with restlessness coursing through my veins like a torrent of instability. My mind is pushing and struggling against the binding of my physical body. A bittersweet typhoon of frustration and excitement for the comming months strains against my will itself.

So how do I vent this emotional intensity and instability? See, that’s exactly it. I don’t right now. I have no vent. I have nothing to release this on. Even this place isn’t enough. It’s just too much at this point in the year. I know it will settle down eventually, but for now I’m driving myself insane trying to figure out a way to get this out of my system. Or maybe find someone to help me with that problem. I need to get out of the house and do stuff. So what the hell am I going to do? Going to the Gym is going to help, sure, but it won’t be enough.

Whatever, you can leave now. I’m done talking to you.

I’m finished making sense to anyone but myself. So this time I am writing an alleged attribute of dissonant dysfunctionality.

It was strange honestly. She walked in and my mind walked out just as quickly. As if it wanted to say “Yo. Dude. You don’t need me here for this shit. Peace home boy”. I was in a cloud at the time so I couldn’t see what was coming. If I had been able to see straight I would have probably walked a different direction. But hindesight = 20/20. Actually. I think its more  like 3.1415926535897932384626. But that’s just a guess.

Anyway, back to our unstory. That was day 1. The beginning of the beginning really. A three year beginning in fact, or at least that’s what I hope. Since then fate has been playing russian roulette with me. So far the score is Me 0, Fate 7, but I’m pretty sure she’s cheating. Is it normal to use a Glock in this game? If not, then we’re going to have a good long talk about both the black roses and the shining beauty of that music she makes with her alto sax. That is if I ever have the chance to again.

You see the violent angel has been encapsulated for her own safety. At least that’s what her loved ones believe. Maybe. I dunno. But this makes things difficult for me. I cannot feel her weaving her web around my face now. It’s been days in fact without anything more then a phantom echo of her favorite tune in my head, and by the Gods she has my solace plugged into her ears.

I’m just hoping she’s alright, and by the time this is over, she’ll still want to feed me the drug of her kiss. Drinking in my soul, and spitting it out in the fountain again. Squeeze, Bang, Crap. Me 0, Fate 8. Seriously, I call hax.

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