Esher RavenFire So who am I? What is this place about? Why should you care?

Well, I am Esher, and no that isn’t my given name, but it is the name I am most widely known by. I am an aspiring writer, a computer techie, and a devout Celtic Wiccan. Oh yeah, and I’m also an asshole. I make it my life’s ambition (other then being a writer of course) to point out the sheer and utter stupidity of both our society and race as a whole, as well as the individual stupidities of its members. Why? Because I’m just that arrogant and angry. Not that I am perfect myself, far from it, I’m just likely better than you.

So what is this place? It’s a sewer really. A garbage dump for developing my writing skills, and pouring every stray thought that crosses my demented little mind into. A place where all facets of my life converge into a slaughterhouse of disparity. Logic and Spirituality colliding within the depths of my imagination. And believe it or not, there aren’t any explosions.

And finally, why should you care? Well, it just so happens my rants and words aren’t entirely empty or meaningless. I have alot to say that can be taken and used in a variety of real-world applications. Like becomming less of a douchebag, or how to flash the EEPROM of your Intel 2200BG wifi card so that your HP laptop thinks its an HP branded card (a work in progress).

The possibilities are endless. So if you can tolerate the fact that I probably hate you, then please read on and evolve.