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Sarah Dionne, a practicing Wiccan and self title witch, recently spoke out against another example of religious ignorance.

As a Fundraising event for the coming Samhain (or Halloween), the Western Development Museum had an event planned on October 29th called the Ghosts of the Past fundraiser. The idea being that for a $30 entry fee, consenting adult guests could learn about things such as Ouija boards and take part in a séance-like event to communicate with ancestors from the past.

Now, I know most of you out there just cringed at reading the words “Ouija Board” to yourself. Most people I have spoken to, including myself, have a certain level of distrust for these particular occult instruments. Namely because you never can be 100% sure what exactly your contacting through such a device. However, if employed properly, and the proper protections are used; they can be a useful tool in opening people’s minds to the possibility of things beyond their normal perceptions of the world.

Regardless of our personal thoughts and beliefs on these particular practices and devices, I don’t think anyone has the right to force their beliefs on anyone else. But that is exactly what happened here. After receiving complaints from local residents of the area and religious leaders the event was cancelled. Why? Because these people expressed that they feared “evil spirits” would be conjured up, presumably wreaking havoc on their town.

Just for the record, I had to pause after that last paragraph until I could stop laughing. Sorry, continuing on..

Dionne, which brings up some very good point regarding Wiccan religion, was outraged at the situation. She brought up that Wiccans believe the Halloween season is a favourable time to communicate with loved ones in the spirit world.

To suggest that contacting any sorts of spirits or otherwise unknown forces in the universe is somehow evil … just doesn’t make sense, “ Dionne told CBC News in their interview with her. She later went on to say, “The whole concept of … evil and the devil, they’re not concepts that are in Wicca whatsoever. There’s no worship of the devil or evil things. Any of those stereotypes are absolutely false.”

While I agree with her on the concepts of the devil, the evil alter-ego of the judeo-christian divinity complex, I myself whole heartedly believe in the concept of evil or at the very least, restless spirits and entities that could potentially use Ouija Boards and other mediums to mislead, confused, or at worse disrupt people practicing with such devices. As such, I personally leave them alone myself.

However, these devices most certainly can be employed in a positive light if necessary. I just don’t feel comfortable trying it myself. Sarah also, has not called for the reinstatement of the fundraising event either, as she acknowledges the differing, less positive feelings of the Wiccan community regarding these devices but recently wrote in to a local news paper to complain  about those who would paint “witches and other pagans” in a bad light.

I respect and admire Sarah’s opinion here. She’s basically saying, not everyone even within our own community likes the idea of of these particular occult tools, but that doesn’t mean anyone has the right to stop those who do want to use them from practicing.

Good show Sarah. You’re of course totally right. Big surprise the bigots get their way.

Dear judeo-christian religious complex: Fuck you. That is all.