The worst ecological disaster in the history of the USA? Try in the history of mankind.

“As oil continues gushing from the ocean floor into the Gulf of Mexico, with no sign of stopping until a new well is finished this August, scientists, environmentalists and local residents are beginning to reckon with the reality of a massive annihilation of sea creatures and wildlife.” (Source: IPS News Story)

The effects of the millions of gallons of oil leaking into the ocean, compounded by the use of highly toxic absorbent materials being used to try and control it are only the tip of the iceberg. The level of destruction to the oceanic food chain will be unlike anything the world has seen before, and its called a food chain for a reason. It is quickly becoming a very real possibility that this could become an extinction level event for all life on this planet.

And who is responsible for this? The oil and gas company itself, sure. But indirectly each and every one of you. Every single person that drives your gas guzzling SUVs. Everyone that has sat in their chairs, shaking your fists at the enviromentalist movement for their ‘scare tactics’ when talking about the enviroment. You wanted proof of their words? Well congradulations you have it. Now we can all die just so you could take the kids to soccer practice.

Even if this event in and of itself doesn’t destroy the food chain of the world, the continued extraction of crude oil from the planet directly increases the fragility of it. The oil lubricates the movement of the tectonic plates, and we’re emptying that lubricant out. Eventually, and this isn’t some thousand year eventually, this will lead to wide scale destabilization of the entire world. It will literally grind itself apart until the whole planet is destroyed.

This is what you have chosen for every single living thing on the planet. This is the future you’re bringing about. So act outraged all you want, but just remember, you and I are just as much to blame for this as they are. Even if it is indirectly.

The oil and gas industry has been under more fire over the past decade then any other industry because of their practices. The Alberta Oil sands, raping the earth and destroying thousands of kilometers of land just to feed your fucking faces. Deep ocean drilling and capsized oil tankers destroying entire species of life. And now this. And what did you do? You sat there, watched it on the evening news and shrugged in indifference.

I want you to take a few moments to think of all your loved ones in a line, and you holding a machine gun. I want you to imagine gunning them down until there is nothing left but a pile of blood and gore. Because that is exactly what you have done. At least when the end comes, I will at least take solace in the fact that you are going to die slowly and painfully from starvation. Of course, you could do us all a favor now, and blow your own heads off.

Might as well start watching the movie “The Road” now as a training guide on our glorious new world. I’ve had to censor my initial post on this subject due to my overwhelming rage and emotional reaction to this. Needless to say, my faith in humanity was never very strong to begin with, but now I can’t help but to look at all of us as nothing more then lice on the Goddess’ body. I’d say may she forgive us, but we don’t deserve it.