At first it was thundering waves of unstoppable fire and torrential edifices of blood straining at their boundaries. A visage of unyielding power relentlessly twisting the edges of reality itself.

But time changes all things. And as time walked across its unerring yet decieving path the storms calmed. Thunder and torrent became still surface and smoldering embers. Cracks formed in the once pressured barriers and the contents spilled out in one defining moment of utter hopelessness.

Leaking into the nothingness, very little remained. With these sacred things other pieces slipped away. Hope, Happiness, even Ruthless Hatred. Though tiny fragments remained of all, they were coated in the grey and empty.

Then forces unknown interceded. Visions of the lost source filled the nothingness for a brief moment in deceptive time. Though the containers remained cracked the flames flared to life and the blood swelled from an unknown source. As it remains for now.

They have a focus, a purpose. But what will happen to them, to their containers, is unknown. For they feed off the last shreds of hope mixed in with them. And that hope is yet to be proven false or fruitful.

I pray to the unknowable divine; God and Goddess. I pray to the faeries and elementals. I pray to all the beautiful creatures of my heart and imaginings. Let the hope not be false.