I sit here awake, at 3 in the morning waking from the worst nightmare I’ve had in awhile. My nightmare wasn’t one of foul beasts or evil men. In fact, it held nothing people would think of when they speak or hear of nightmares at all.

This dream took me to an infinitely unknowable house that may or may not really exist, where my soul mate was. We met again and for the first time in 12 years I hugged her. I felt her vividly in my arms. We sat under the stars and I asked her if she missed me. Her nodded response, and the fierce kiss that followed were perfect and beautiful. I felt for a fleeting moment that incredible happiness I haven’t known since. And just as my heart had life breathed into it, I awoke here in my bed.

What a cruel mosaic to paint on the mind of a half-missing man my Goddess. I miss her so very much.