This is a conversation between myself and a Linksys support representative via their online support chat. This was a couple years ago, but still worthy of reposting I think. This is one of those “wtf just happened?” moments. Another reason my faith in humanity ceased to exist the moment I understood what that meant.

Linksys support conversation
Dennis_ (29972): Hi, my name is Dennis_ (29972). How may I help you?
Esher: Hello there, Esher with VoodooPC here. We’re having troubles with one of your wireless routers. The router seems to be refusing the lastest firmware update. It tells me that it is updating the firmware but when it completes it still reports firmware version 1.07. The firmware update is required due to the faulty original firmware causing disconnection issues, random router reboots, and internet connection failures. The firmware version your site is providing us with is WRT55AGv1.24.31-LED.trx
Dennis_ (29972): I see.
Dennis_ (29972): Before we begin, I need to ask a few questions that will help me assist you better.
Esher: Sure
Dennis_ (29972): May I have your name, phone number and location for record purposes please?
Esher: Esher, 1-888-708-6636, Calgary, AB Canada
Dennis_ (29972): How many computers do you have there?
Dennis_ (29972): How many are wired and wireless?
Esher: More then I can count. As we are a gaming pc manufacturer
Dennis_ (29972): Ok.
Dennis_ (29972): Are you sure that you’ve selected the exact model and version number of your device under the list of downloads?
Esher: No. I’m only going with what your website says.. The model of the router is WRT55AG Ver 1. The software downloaded was referred to me by the firmware updates for that specific model.
Esher: So, unless your website is lying. It SHOULD be the right one. :)
Dennis_ (29972): Are you connected directly to the modem to hat with me?
Esher: Actually right now, I’m hardwired into the router
Esher: Ethernet seems to work normally with it.. Just the wireless portion that randomly fails. Though it does reboot itself from time to time.. The LEDs indicate a reboot on the front and I momentarily lose the ethernet connection.
Dennis_ (29972): Can you please access the router’s setup page?
Esher: I’m there
Dennis_ (29972): During the upgrade, do you receive any error messages? If so, what were they?
Esher: None. It flashed “Upgrading firmware…” for about 5 minutes, then the modem rebooted and came back up normally..
Esher: Except the firmware version number has not changed
Dennis_ (29972): Please tell me the firmware version that is currently being used on the router?
Esher: 1.07
Esher: Firmware: 1.02, Mar.11, 2003 (Copied straight from router setup)
Esher: So my mistake
Esher: 1.02\
Dennis_ (29972): That’s fine.
Dennis_ (29972): Do you have any firewall running on that computer?
Esher: Nope
Esher: This particular system is my personal laptop. I don’t use anything but AVG and antispyware on it. And windows firewall is disabled
Esher: No firewall or port blocking based software.

(45 minutes pass)

Esher: Still there?
Esher: Hellooooo?
Esher: …