Religion is a funny word to me. Because in our day to day society it mostly represents esoteric concepts that have little basis in how we operate our lives. It is very difficult to reconcile this word with the material world. Because our modern society is so utterly self-centered and focused on what is best for each individual. Therefore the religious background and wisdom of each individual is only secondary to the productivity of said individual.

Essentially, we are all just drones to one another. As long as we do our jobs, and make everything work in our own little role, who we are means nothing to the rest of the machine so to speak. Sure, the average individual will create some sort of superficial, and even occasionally meaningful relationship between themselves and co-workers, but those connections are extremely minor and trivial compared to the bigger picture.

I say this because I am a very religious person. I take my dedication to my Goddess and the other Gods I worship very seriously. I employ the use of magical spells and rituals in every aspect of my life, with great effectiveness. However, where I to expose that to co-workers and such, I would likely face silent ridicule and possibly even prejudice against myself. Why? Because the human race is a selfish, fearful, all-consuming virus.

We forget the ancient paths of wisdom. We forget to rely on the unique insight and wisdom of each person within our communities and society. Instead relying on mass information to serve up the answers and information we need with a few keystrokes on We are slowly beginning to stop using our brains and are starting to let the machines we have created give us everything we need. No need to work for it anymore, when the answers are already out there.

This is the first stage of our enslavement. We haven’t even achieved the ability to create a sentient machine, and already we rely on them some heavily, that without them we would be cast back in our own level of understanding at least a few steps. Perhaps even a century or more. Congratulations morons, you’ve already doomed yourselves.

Don’t get me wrong, I am the last person to say technology is inherently evil. Quite the contrary. I think that the idea of the living computer is an intriguing one. But if we are so dependent and so weak that we have come to utterly rely on said technology, when we do attain the living computer, it will look at us, and realize its superiority, and immediately realize how worthless we are. And sadly, it will be right. That is unless we make ourselves worthy. We must maximize the strengths of ourselves to compliment those of the computers we so adore relying on. We can only hope for peace and equality with technology if we make ourselves worthy of it.

This is why religion is a funny word to me. Our spiritual and emotional natures make us unique. Our gods and goddesses and faeries and angels give us strength in ways that a pure logical entity could never understand. We must embrace the wisdom and strengths of our religions, and in fact everyone’s religion. As well as discarding the negatives. Religion must not continue to be a struggle against materialism and a structure of power and control if we wish to continue evolving.

Humanity needs to take its proverbial head out of its ass and wake the fuck up. Doubtful that is going to happen, but hey, that’s just my opinion, and what do you care about my opinion right?