So here we are, on this small rock we call Earth, circling around a massive thermal-nuclear reaction. Bugs on the face of a giant living entity. And what are we here to do? Be born, reproduce, die. That’s right folks, the purpose of this so-called magical creation we know as humanity mimics every other life form on this planet. So instead of simply exsisting in that cycle of life we were created from, what do we do? We invent Hell.

Yes folks, that’s right. We, the mighty human race, top of the food chain (I still say, “as far as we know”), decide to get together and create a living Hell. Romantic relationships that eventually make us feel like shit, weapons and machines to annhilate each other with, and well let us not forget Britney Spears. And to what underlying foundation do we owe all of this to? Well, I hate to sound like a well-known psych we all are familiar with, but it all leads back to sex.

I’m serious. Everything in human exsistance is based on one underlying principle. Not reproduction mind you, just straight up sex. We fight for power, money, toys, all these things. But in the end, their sole purpose is to attract the opposite sex and fuck like rabbits. So why then, are we even trying this romance thing anymore? I’ve come to question that myself very recently at great length, as you are no doubt aware if you’ve read any of my other posts here.

Now I’m sure your thinking right now, that’s not true! My (insert career, house, or other choice of rationalization) is more important to me then sex! Well sure, that maybe true, but what is the purpose under those things? Why do these things make you happy? They all serve to create the enviroment of your personal life and forge a nest. A place where you can happily fuck and create kids. It’s all part of the imperative people.

Someone once told me that they thought romantic feelings and love are just a natural drive to reproduce. An interesting theory,  but with one flaw. Why would you need love to reproduce? How many people fuck for fun and personal gratification? Romance has very little bearing on sex to be honest. No, I think love and romance are a byproduct of us being social animals. A way for us to have someone on our side no matter what. Romance has less to do with sex, and more to do with having a fellow human being to help you manipulate the world in the way you want it to be.

But I digress, I think this rant has gone off track. Actually, I’m not even sure if there was a track in the first place. Oh well, do with my words what you will.