Well look at that, another loathesome holiday over, and I am still alive. Wonders never cease.

The ex has gone home to her family for the holiday, out of the apartment until Monday, and here I am, alone to have my tasty infuriating thoughts all to myself. Aw shit, that was a run-on sentance. Sonofa..

Well anyway, despite my religious beliefs being at odds with a holiday who was schedualed based on a pagan traditional holiday opposed to the actual estimated birth date of Christ himself, it was rather pleasant. Goddamn it, I did it again. Screw it. I give up on grammar for today. But yes, I went and spent Christmas Eve with my beloved Grandmother, then the big get together on Christmas Day with my awesome family. It was good. And my gifts, well, they were pretty cool too. Even the clothes.

The strangest thing about this holiday though was seeing, for the first time, my little teenage brother’s brand new daughter. Arianna is her name, and she’s very small, and beautiful. That of course is strange in itself if you’ve seen my brother. Though considering his girlfriend is very pretty, I guess that could make up for it. But that’s not why it was strange for me. It was strange, because sitting there, at 28 years of age, looking at this tiny little life, brand new to this world, I still cannot even imagine having a kid. And yet this lil brother of mine, who’s diapers I changed when he was that small has one of his own.

It’s extremely confusing for my poor little immature brain to figure out. But hey, nonetheless, congradulations to them both right? Him and his girl are already looking to be pretty good parents from what I’ve seen so far. I think the little one’s future is pretty bright. And when she’s older, hopefully I’ll be able to counter-act some of the dumb that my lil brother instills in her with his very brain-killing presence. (He’s an emo-kid, even if he doesn’t admit it, so you know what I’m talking about.)

Despite, however the pleasantness of this holiday season, I am still extremely greatful it is overwith. No more soul-murdering christmas music, and merry christmases from everyone around me. No more stressing over the finer details. Though, I do like my cool little tree, even though no one else does. Well guess what you bastards, it may not be much, but it’s my fucking tree, so deal with it. Don’t worry guys, its synthetic. No slaying of the oxygen factories went into my holiday season.

So what’s next? Well, this is when the real fun begin. This is where I get a new job, try to pretend being a writer, go back to school, and all that fun crap I gotta do to make this life work out for the best. And hey, now that I’m single again, I’m not gonna lie, I feel a lot better about my chances of success. Not that the ex was holding me back, not true at all. She was simply a distraction from me.

So keep an eye on this space in the near future, I’m going to be doing my best to put up some decent materials to start a small ‘portfolio’ as one might say, and well who knows, maybe one day I’ll get to be that kickass fictional author Hank Moody. After all, his life is a writer’s dream in some ways. Plenty of heartbreaking angst to keep the creative juices flowing and lots of messed up sex adventures. Sign me up dude.